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Drew Theodore P. Lipsky

By iHansen | 8 januar 2007 | shrtr url | Del på Facebook

Doktor Drakken - Liten

Det blir litt TV i helgene samme med Martine, og da mye Disney Channel. Vår favorittserie der er Kim Possible, og min favoritt-karakter er uten tvil Doktor Drakken. Han er den ultimate superskurk, og sammen med sin makker Shego, prøver han konstant å ta over verden, noe han så langt ikke har lykkes med.

Doktor Drakken er en gal vitenskapsmann. Han heter egentlig Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, og er heller ikke doktor. Han fullførte aldri college, og den kan nok ha en sammenheng med at planene og oppfinnelsene hans så langt ikke har gått og fungert som planlagt.

Den beste planen Doktor Drakken har har hatt så langt er nok når han lager en Brainwashing Shampoo, som i og for seg funker. Problemet hans blir hvordan han skal få folk til å bruke den. Det er da han kommer på den glupe ideen å selge den med produktplassering i en sang. Han melder seg på Idol, og fremfører sangen «Lather, Rinse, Obey»;

Rappin Drakken
Video på YouTube

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Kim Possible, og hennes makker Ron, gjør selvsagt alt de kan for å stoppe han, og melder seg også på, med en selvkomponert sang om hvordan Ron møtte Rufus;

Rufus - Naked Mole Rat - vanlig
Video på YouTube

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Hvis du enda ikke har fått med deg Kim Possible, bør du sette deg ned å følge med på DisneyChannel – Det er faktisk ikke så verst :)

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  1. Dito Says:
    august 1st, 2014 at 17:34

    Jane,As administrator of this site I have aprvoped your letter to Governor Sandoval to post. I am a strong believer of free speech and your letter is un-edited. However I could not disagree with you more. I believe that people who have trouble identifying their gender is mentally ill. I also strongly believe that education is a much stronger issue than transgender. You stated we have 25,000 transgendered people living in Nevada. I think that number is high but we will go with your number. You also state that 70% of Nevada agrees with you, but in reality it was 70% who voted for the Protection of Marriage Act . We have 250,000 students getting a substandard education. So if you want to go by a matter of importance the students will win out. You are fighting for 1% of the population while I’m fighting for 10%. But that is not the reason I oppose this legislation. As an employer my customers are more important to me than anything. They are the ones who pay my bills. I am not going to tell them they can take their business elsewhere because I have an employee with an identity crisis. As a Christian I will not hire anyone who is of immoral character, and that includes homosexuals. I don’t care what laws are in place, I will not be forced to except immorality. As a representative of faith based schools, I will not allow the secular beliefs that has decayed the moral fiber of our country to enter my children’s place of refuge. I believe morals are written by GOD, and we do not have the write to challenge them. This is the belief I’m passing on to my children. I am NOT nor will I ever be tolerant of immorality. The secular school system is broken due to the immorality that that takes place their. Teen pregnancy is a problem in Secular schools, but isolated to just a few in faith based schools. Faith based schools do not have homosexual or transgendered teachers and WE DO NOT WANT THEM. Faith based schools do not have students confused about their identity experimenting with sex of multiple partners both of the same and opposite sex. This is a problem in secular schools because of the lack of morals of many of the teachers. I refuse the free educational system because Clark County is the worst of the worst. The Clark County School System embraces they hiring of homosexuals and transgendered, and teach a social agenda. They do not teach children what they need to compete in the world after graduation. On the contrary they teach competition is bad. You letter doesn’t consider that customers may not due business with a store who has a man dressed as a women. But you can not force them to do business their. I own a movie theater that has more children than adults going to it. If I had a man dressed as a women behind the counter I will lose my investment. But the bill you support doesn’t care, it’s not your money.If people are allowed to choose their sex over genetics, than a sexual predator can decide he his a woman for access to the women’s restroom. If he pips into an occupied stall, it is the woman who wants her privacy that should be tolerant according to the law. This opens up an area or idiotic legislators are not considering, because they are more concerned for the 1% than the 99%.I will let you know right now, I AM NOT TOLERENT and neither are you. You are not tolerant to the views of Christians. You want to legislate away are belief system. You want to force your immoral ways into our schools, as you did into the public schools. You do this under the lie of tolerance. You want me to be tolerant of your beliefs to open the door to trample on mine. Yes I respect your right to free speech, and your right to your views. But I do not respect using the legislature to forgeable change my views. It will not work. Tony Dane